STATEMENT: One Billion Rising Activists Feel Disappointed toward the Authorities's intervention of Their Biking Campaign


Phnom Penh 17 February 2014 - We, the Cambodian women, men and youth of the One Billion Rising activist were disappointed that the local authority had stopped our biking campaign on February 14, 2014 which we were started our biking at 7:30 am at Gender and Development for Cambodia (GADC) # 89, St. 288, Sangkat Olympic Khan Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We all about two hundred and we were very excited start biking.

Unfortunately, the local authority and the police force of Khan Chamcarmon stopped us and the reasons are:

1. the permission letter authorized by Phnom Penh City Hall were not clearly defined locations of biking that we intended to do. Although we had sent the map of biking to relevant district offices in Phnom Penh once we received the permission letter to inform them about our plan specifically on the places that we were going to bike.

2. the local authority argued for security and disorder that may cause by the campaign.

3. the issues of new government sub-decree does not allow any gathering with more than 10 people.


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