Over the past decade, GADC has built successful volunteer networks throughout Cambodia, such as the Cambodian Men’s Network (CMN), which functions autonomously under GADC’s Men’s Perspectives Project (MPP).


Women’s Empowerment through Legal Awareness (WELA) is another crucial gender network, which provides volunteer training, education and support to rural women in 6 communes in the provinces of Kampong Chhnang, Pursat and Prey Veng.




GADC advocates for gender equality at the national level, as well, through such events as the National Conference on Gender and Development in Cambodia.


Raising the overall level of gender awareness and sensitivity and affecting positive behavior and attitude change is another important aspect of GADC’s work, which is executed largely through our Training and Internship Program. GADC hastrained over 13,000 participants, with trainee  numbers increasing annally. GADC also conducts research on gender issues pertinent to Cambodia. Research topics of the past have included gender-based violence (GBV), cultural norms of masculinity, and the legal and political situation of women. Additionally, we are invested in distributing up-to-date news and information on the struggle for women’s equality through our bulletins and newsletters: Genderview, CMN Men’s Perspective, and the Gender Scoreboard.


Today GADC has evolved into a leading gender specialist NGO. Working with government ministries and departments, international development agencies, local NGOs and civil societies, youth groups and other stakeholders, GADC continues to pursue gender equality in Cambodia.