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US Scholarships for Young Women in Cambodia

Dear Potential Cambodian Open A Door Candidate:

We are looking for young Cambodian women interested in applying for US scholarships to join our program for 2015. Below is an overview of our program and how to apply. Ideal candidates live close to Phnom Penh.

What We Do

We assist young women who are passionate about attending a US university but need guidance in how to apply. Those selected to be in the program will attend an immersive Internet course in January and February to prepare them for two college entrance exams: SAT and TOEFL. Those who perform well are matched with 4-5 women in the United States to “help” or “mentor” them in the process of applying for scholarships at US universities in the spring. Over the internet and phone, they assist you with the various tasks required such as deciding which schools to apply to, reviewing the application and student essay, making phone calls to the school to introduce the candidate, etc. The applicant and the mentors are in constant contact over the Internet.

What We Don’t Do

Open A Door does not award scholarships and being accepted into Open A Door does not mean you have been awarded a scholarship. Instead we assist in applying for scholarships at US universities and therefore increase the chances of winning a scholarship. Applying and winning a scholarship is completely the candidate’s responsibility, but the mentors are available to help in understanding the process and overcoming administrative barriers that often limit the chances of
women outside the US.

Costs to You

US schools decide on a case-by-case basis what costs the scholarship will cover and what they will not cover. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to be awarded a US scholarship, there may be financial responsibilities that you would need to raise your own money to cover. These could include the deposit to hold your place if accepted, a loan as part of the tuition, some living expenses, clothes, etc. However, it is difficult to know at this stage what those costs may be
and you should not let those costs prevent you from applying. To be in our program you will need constant, very strong internet access (including at school or an internet café, if you do not have access in your home). If you don’t have or can’t afford to be on the internet everyday, this would hold you back and you should not apply.

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